Happy 4 Years To Me - Lessons I've Learnt

Wowzas, this February marks 4 whole years of being a business owner. Still kinda feels weird to call myself that, but it's true and I need to keep reminding myself that this is my life. 
Crazy to think that this time 4 years ago I started experimenting with water colours and coloured markers - then I discovered the magic that is digital art *throws confetti*
In the Feb of 2017, I opened up an Etsy store and squealed with excitement as the first few orders came trickling in (mum, sis, aunties, super close friends). To begin with, I only created and sold greeting cards...I was just stoked that people would be giving my cards out on special occasions.
Now, I sit back with 4 years under my belt and to say it was an easy ride would be a lie...but as I sit here and reflect on the years gone by, I'm reminded of a few lessons I've learnt along the way. I'd love to share them with you:
Say NO when you need to. Take time away from your laptop, phone or iPad if you must. If you're the back bone and head honcho of your biz...you first need to look after number 1, before those around you. Otherwise you'll burn out and start resenting why you chose to follow your dreams and passion in life.
Plenty of times I've tried new styles perhaps because it was seen to be "on-trend"...but it just didn't feel like "me". Even when I was creating it, I knew people would like it but I just felt detached from it. Many a times, I've sat back and thought "What am I doing?", "Who am I trying to please?". 
Just stick to what YOU love doing and do it well.
So what if people don't like your work? Everyone's got their own likes and quirks, and perhaps your way of doing/creating things isn't to their tastes...SO WHAT?! I know for a fact that there a 10 others out there that will LOVE your ish. So own it, move on and keep doing YOU BOO.
When I first started out, I had my family and close friends supporting my every move. As I grew online, I met some amazing people that are truly so freakin' supportive it's not funny. Through putting myself out there, messaging people in the DM's, commenting on their posts, sharing their work - I have made some awesome friends (some that I would even call family).
My lil community of gal pals are second to none and I really don't know where I would be without them today. Find some homies...they're out there...trust me! 
Blergh...even writing that about above makes me wanna throw up. I've always been quite reserved, not one to make a fuss or be centre of attention (unless it's my birthday and that ish is allllllll about me).
However through-out the last 4 years, I've had to not only put my big toe outta my comfort zone but my whole body. 
* Networking events scared the ish outta me - I went to a few...hated A LOT (it's just not me) but the thing was...I gave it go and actually met some cool women in business. 
* I've spoken in front of a crowd (much to my dismay and thanks to my sis Jame - owner of Earth Jiinda). She pulled me up in front of about 100 people at an Indigenous Business event we went to in Melbourne in 2019. We spoke (briefly) about our businesses and our family.
Man I could of decked her one...but now looking back, I'm glad she did it. 
* Taking chances on collaborations were also a big stepping outta my comfort zone moment. Saying no to huge opportunities wouldn't have got my art on a bridge or illustrating a kids tv show.
So if you're just starting out, struggling to find where ya fit in, in this crazy world of business or are a long time biz owner - I hope some of these lesson's that I've learnt along the way has encouraged ya. 
I'd love to hear some of yours! Feel free to leave a comment below.
And as always...I'm here to chat to, just jump into DM's ;) 

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