Yiota - Ola Digital - What It Means To Be A Woman

In light of International Women’s Day on Sunday the 8th of March, I’ve asked some of the amazing women in my life to share what it’s like to be woman.

I’ll be highlighting a variety of women from different backgrounds, careers and beliefs to bring you a selection of just how awesome being a woman is.

This woman needs no introduction... y'all already know who she is. For those that don't know...where have you been hiding? 😆
Our 10th wonderful and inspiring woman of the month is the everso amazing Yiota!! She's my sister from another mister, my cookie to my cream and my gurrrrl to my frannnd. Yiota is the Girl Boss/Owner of - the coolest and most efficient website designing biz in all the land. Seriously her work is ridic and needs to be seen by everyone - so make sure you check it out!!

Even though she maybe stuck all the way up in Gladstone (hurry up and move here)...she's everyones Insta bestie. Uber kind, thoughtful, gives the greatest gifts and knows how to party (yo Yiota, remember that night we were out til 1am on a school night? Yeah me either 🙊).



What makes you feel empowered about being a woman?

Having the power, drive and ability to run a business, have a family (one day!) and inspire others all at the same time. The world literally revolves around us women, and that makes me feel so empowered.

What has been your most proudest moment in your life? Whether that be in your career or personal life.

Starting Ola Digital is definitely my proudest achievement. It's given me freedom, happiness and so much fulfillment in my life. And it's only built on me and my hard work - definitely, something to be proud of.

Why is it so important for women to support each other? 

Because we are ALL going through it and sometimes, we need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or a wine night. Women can support each other like no man can - it's the truth!

What's your go-to self care to feel like a queen? 

A long luxurious bath, body scrub, face mask and using the fancy body moisturiser to top it all off. Bliss!

Want to learn more about Yiota, check her out via the links below:



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