Talea - The Design Quirk - What It Means To Be A Woman

In light of International Women’s Day on Sunday the 8th of March, I’ve asked some of the amazing women in my life to share what it’s like to be woman.

I’ll be highlighting a variety of women from different backgrounds, careers and beliefs to bring you a selection of just how awesome being a woman is.

Introducing our second last inspirational woman for the month. Talea creative director of @the_design_quirk - the coolest graphic design business in all the lands

Talea is my go to home girl for help with anything graphic design/arty or if I need to chat about the latest crime docos on Netflix. She's super hard working and the love and care she has for each of her clients really shows in her output with each project. Seriously head to her page and see her work 💕🤤 Not only does she make sick logos...she is also an amazing artist - using different mediums she creates whimsical pieces that are just gorgeous.



 What makes you feel empowered about being a woman?

Just looking at the women around me makes me feel empowered. I know women who have lived through domestic violence, sexual assault, miscarriages, abuse, mental illness and have literally come out stronger. And looking at women before me who have fought for equality. Also women in our world today that live in oppressive societies and still speak up, these women make me feel empowered. Women are so resilient and crazy strong, like we can (I know not all of us) bleed for 7 days and not die - like wtf. And some of us can even grow a HUMAN BEING INSIDE OF US. How crazy is that.

What has been your most proudest moment in your life? Whether that be in your career or personal life.

I generally feel really proud about everything I do haha. I always congratulate myself for growing, for changing, for reaching goals. So I don’t particularly have one I can pin point at the time.

Why is it so important for women to support each other? 

We already have the media that tells us we aren’t good enough and we probably tell ourselves the same thing. So if we could rely on each other to lift us up it would help tremendously. Life isn’t always easy and having other women’s support and encouragement can go such a long way.

What's your go-to self care to feel like a queen? 

For me, what I love to do is go out in nature. Because I work with technology if I spend too long away from nature I feel really restless. Even if I don’t feel like it forcing myself to go for a walk on a bush trail or go to the beach is literally me loving on myself.

Want to learn more about Talea, check her out via the links below:

Insta: @the_design_quirk



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