Mahalia Handley - Model - What It Means To Be A Woman

In light of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, I’ve asked a selection of incredible women all with different backgrounds, careers, stories and beliefs on just how awesome it is to be a woman.

So first off the grid is the everso talented Mahalia Handley @mahaliafromaustralia. Model, Activist, Ambassador, Creative there anything this Queen can't do? From modeling for the likes of Savage Fenty, Vogue, and Nasty Gal (to name drop a few) to swimming in the Territory while smashing down her fave Laksas...this Territory girl is a force to be reckoned with.

Mahalia and I go way back...think silky Dada t-shirts at a Pizza Hut party for our friends birthday in '99 way back. It's been awesome to watch her grow and evolve in the creative industry! So without further ado...I bring you Mahalia 


What makes you feel empowered about being a woman?

Oh everything, I wake up every single day genuinely happy that I am a woman. I love the power of our bodies, the fragility of our emotions and the strength of endurance we have within those thoughts and actions. Just knowing that my body can produce food, if chosen too, is magical.

I adore the individualism of people born a woman and for those transitioning to women and how it makes us collectively so united. I'm empowered with the knowledge that femininity exists for all and is shareable. I love that each woman I meet is different, resilient and tough. Women are resourceful and so many of these and more qualities, it is why I am empowered to be a woman.

What has been your most proudest moment in your life? Whether that be in your career or personal life.

I don’t know if i have one specific proud moment, I think there is a series of times where I have been proud of the achievements I've made but they vary, some are in my career, some are when I reflect on how I've made an active decision to change habits, some are just when I look back and see times that I really loved someone or was involved completely in a moment. Sometimes I'm just proud to get out of bed and of had a shower, all are valued in the exact same light.

Why is it so important for women to support each other? 

I believe women from our history have shown us how the power of unity can change so many things for so many people, I also believe that as women we face the same difficulties together and realistically we must work as a team, until there is equality for all we are not free.

What's your go-to self care to feel like a queen? 

Therapy. Therapy therapy therapy. I highly encourage small moments of self care but the best thing we can ever do for ourselves is learn and invest in the techniques for mental health. I also adore burning candles, no more of this nonse of saving it for a nice night or day! That time is now! So burn the beautiful smelling candle and enjoy it.

Want to learn more about Mahalia, check her out via the links below:

Insta: @mahaliafromaustralia


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