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In light of International Women’s Day this Sunday the 8th of March, I’ve asked some of the amazing women in my life to share what it’s like to be woman.

I’ll be highlighting a variety of women from different backgrounds, careers and beliefs to bring you a selection of just how awesome being a woman is.

When I think of a strong, independent, adventurous woman, who is full of culture and love for her people - Jirra is the first woman that comes to mind. A Yorta Yorta / Wiradjuri woman and founder of Kalinya Communications and the @ngamai_meet_ups, Jirra is our 3rd inspirational woman for the month in light of IWD

I stumbled across her page middle of last year and we connected straight away. Through @ngamai_meet_ups, I was flown to Melbourne to attend one of her meet ups and to this day, it still was one of the most magical nights I've ever had. Jirra is a huge inspiration to me, she's my constant cheerleader and I can't wait to see what she achieves this year. Watch this space people!

What makes you feel empowered about being a woman?

Sometimes I need quiet time to tap into my own feelings of empowerment as a woman, to let all the media messages and business pressures wash away and recharge my own power. Other times I need to surround myself with women and women’s voices, books by female authors, music by female artists or a podcast from Aunty Oprah.

What has been your most proudest moment in your life? Whether that be in your career or personal life.

My proudest moment in my professional life has been creating the Ngamai Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Meet Ups. They are full of magic and joy and connection, I have met so many new friends and now when I’m feeling frustrated or exhausted I have people to call who understand the hard work it takes. The best part is that I can be creative and experiment with new ideas.

My proudest moment in my personal life was setting up my second home in Miami, in the USA. It always sounded like such a wild idea, and I remember the tone of voice people would use when they said “ohhh that’s a nice dream”. It was scary and overwhelming. I didn’t know anyone who had done something like that so it felt really lonely at the time, but it’s added so much to my life.

Why is it so important for women to support each other?

Women supporting women is everything. I made a conscious decision when I went into the world of entrepreneurship - a very male space - to be intentional about staying feminine. There can be pressure to fit in, and that often means acting in a masculine way. I love being a woman, and rely on my sista girls daily to keep me grounded and surrounded by love.

What's your go-to self care to feel like a queen?

I have many self care rituals, and I know I cant make things happen without them. My main one is to turn my phone off at 10pm and keep it off until after I have written in my journal the next morning. I like to reflect and set my intention for the day before the world creeps in. My sleep and my morning time is sacred to me.

To find out more about Jirra, check out the links below:

Insta: @jirra.lulla / @ngamai_meet_ups


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