Georgia - Actually Boutique - What It Means To Be A Woman

In light of International Women’s Day on Sunday the 8th of March, I’ve asked some of the amazing women in my life to share what it’s like to be woman.

I’ll be highlighting a variety of women from different backgrounds, careers and beliefs to bring you a selection of just how awesome being a woman is.

Yay number 11 on our inspirational women's list is the everso beautiful Georgia @georgiasverns who opened the cutest lil gift and homewares store in Melbourne late last year called @actuallyboutique_ 

Funny story...I found myself on her stores page and gave it a follow and started messaging her to see if she'd like to stock my products...and at the EXACT same time (no joke) she messaged me asking to stock my stuff. Fate I tell ya. Since then we've been the best of mates...supporting each other when we can. She's a huge supporter of small businesses...just check out her store to see! Georgia is also a fellow artist...making the GORGEOUS spray can circle art pieces 😍 #talented



What makes you feel empowered about being a woman?

Freedom. Freedom is the biggest and most valuable power anyone could have. The freedom to do whatever I want while nobody tells me I can’t. Not able to tell me I can’t because I am a woman is the most empowering feeling. 

What has been your most proudest moment in your life? Whether that be in your career or personal life.

Career wise it was definitely last December when my partner and I opened our first business, Actually Boutique.

In terms of PERSONALLY; I don’t think I will be ever able to answer that as I am the biggest perfectionist and the biggest goal driven person. I am never completely satisfied as I am always striving for more. I have had a lot of proud moments but I don’t think I have had my “proudest personal moment” just yet. 

Why is it so important for women to support each other? 

Women should ALWAYS support other women because we have to deal with enough crap already. Celebrating and supporting other women’s triumphs and success will never take away from your shine or glory. I really do feel like it will only ever add to it and create more light. 

What's your go-to self care to feel like a queen? 

Picking up a paint brush or a spray can to create art for my beautiful customers homes is my perfect day. My go-to self care to feel like a queen is always CHOCOLATE! Chocolate and a horribly fantastic chick flick….and a few glasses of wine ;) 

Want to learn more about Georgia, check her out via the links below:

Insta: @georgiasverns / @actuallyboutique_ 



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